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Product Features:

  • Easy to Use :Simply insert the vent into the nostril and sleep quietly. Snoring may disturb sleep for the snorer and people around them.
  • Safe & High Quality: Made of durable and soft medical silicone,our products are FDA certified. BPA Free.
  • Fit for All: Two sizes: M size and L size, suitable for all. Elderly, young, men and women are all now easily able to sleep without disturbing those around them.
  • 2019 Upgraded: New design anti snoring devices to help breathing improvement: Nose Vents Plugs are Natural and Comfortable Snore Relief for Men and Women which have an ergonomic shape and are designed to help you stop snoring, breath easily at night and sleep well.
  • High satisfaction: Our goal is to satisfy you and improve your life quality. If you have any problems, we will sincerely to solve them.

Product Description

Neomen Upgraded Snoring Solution-Nose Vents Plug

Color: Red

Size: M & L

If you are bothered by yours or your partner's unpleasant loud sound problems?

If you are looking for a simple but efficient method to solve it?

If so, Neomen upgraded snoring solution-nose vents plug is your best choice! The Complete Solution for your annoying problem! It is directly addresses the cause of your issue and helps you breathe smoothly.


Gently insert the Snore Stopper into your nose.

Quietly go to bed and enjoy a comfortable sleep without snoring.

Scrub the transparent silica gel part with warm water. Do not pull out the transparent silica gel.


1.It may take several days for you to get used to using.

2.Clean it daily after use with mild soapy water and air dry then put in the case.

3.Don't adapt the snoring stopper for children under the age of 10.