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Product Features:

  • Industry leading pioneer: the first Triple display USB C hub in industry. Compared to the heavy docking station and other USB C hubs, our USB-C hub is more powerful, lightweight, sleeker. Our innovative smart USB C hub not only solves the challenging technical problems of Hub's multi-display, but also combines the full advantage of the docking station and USB C hub. Solve no interface problems and expand your MONITORS.
  • Triple Display Flexibility: Boost your productivity by connecting 2 HDMI ports and VGA Port. Get our smart usb c hub to expand triple monitors. Work 3 times faster anywhere. Gives you the expansive workspace and flexibility to tackle any task. Supports a single and dual HDMI display up to 3840*2160@30Hz, or triple displays up to 1920x1080@60Hz. Three display mode options(Mirror mode, Extend mode & Video Wall mode. )
  • Create a Powerful Workstation: UtechSmart usb c hub comes with 18-month by refund or replacement with Thunderbolt 3 port(support PD charging), Gigabit RJ45 Port, two 4K HDMI port, VGA port, SD/TF Card Slot, 2*USB 3. 0 Ports and 2 USB 2. 0 Ports. Plug and play, can extend your MacBook into multiple ports to meet your daily needs. The usb c hub make your trip more pleasurable. No worry to carry a heavy docking station and other splitter.
  • Power delivery & smart safety: This 87W USB C hub will shorten the charging time with supporting power delivery 3. 0. (Backward compatible with PD 2. 0) Double faster than non-pd. Equipped with new generation Super intelligent chip, providing overload, over-voltage, over-current, short circuit, overcharge, voltage regulation, temperature protection.
  • Advanced networking & super-speed data transfer: instant stable access to the Internet with the 1000M Ethernet port. 1 g movie can be downloaded in a few minutes. Get rid of the crazy slow internet speed. Ultra-fast data transfer with a speed of 5Gbps for 2x USB 3. 0 Ports, a SD card slot and a TF card slot. Extra 2 USB 2. 0 port is perfect for your keyboard, mouse, wireless device. Make the Wi-Fi connection more stable.