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Product Features:

  • 🌿ECO FRENDLY - All natural without harmful chemical substances, does not cause irritation or allergies. PLEASANT AROMA as a very subtle mint scent
  • 🌿SAFE AND EFFECTIVE - bio flea collar will provide multi protection for your pet, thanks to a new composition of natural oils. It will help to drive away and kill fleas, ticks, lice, larvae, and mosquitoes more effectively
  • 🌿WATERPROOF - It is water-resistant. The convenience of keeping 24 hours the collar on your pet while it is swimming in the pool or playing in the rain
  • 🌿PROLONGED PROTECTION - bio flea and tick prevention for pets will provide a reliable and long lasting up to 6 months protection for a dog and adult cat of any size and breed
  • 🌿ONE SIZE FOR ALL - Dog and Cat collar 25inch, an adjustable strap in the best tick collar will help to conveniently clip it to the neck of your pet. The excess length of the collar can simply be cut off

Product Description



We produce antiparasitic collars for all dogs from large ones to small and adult cats.
The anti-flea collar begins to work after some time after it is put on the dog or cat.
Insecticidal substances begin to stand out from the flea collar for dogs & cats, spreading over the wool cover, protecting the pet.
We recommend you always wear a mosquito collar even at night, otherwise, there the desired effect of flea prevention will not be achieved.

Your pet can wear it 24 hours 7 days a week while swimming in the pool or playing in the rain.
✅Place collar around pet's neck, adjust for fit and buckle in place.
✅Leave 2 or 3 inches for extra adjustment. - Cut off and dispose of excess length.
✅Under normal conditions replace the collar every 240 days.
✅Under conditions of severe infestation, the collar may be replaced more often.
Store this product in a cool and dry place that is not accessible to children.
The collar remains effective for 2 years in an unopened Bag.

IMPORTANT! If the dog already has fleas, we strongly recommend the treatment be carried out with special shampoo or flea spray, and only then use the collar.

RISK-FREE SATISFACTION 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied with flea and tick control effect in 30 days, you're guaranteed to get your money back 100%, no questions asked from the seller. Love the new flea collars or your money back.
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CAUTION: Do not allow children to play with a Flea Collar!