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Product Features:

  • SUPERIOR RECOVERY: Foam rolling with vibrations is 2X the effectiveness of a regular foam roller and up to a 40% increase in mobility (range of motion) for the cost of a single massage. It is perfect for aiding recovery, mobility, and flexibility before and after workout. It's the ideal vibrating muscle roller for self massage and myofascial release to make sure your body performs at its absolute best.
  • 4-SPEED DESIGN: Choose from level 1 to level 4(from low to high intensity) to apply the perfect amount of pressure to each of your sore muscles and joints. Relieve muscle pain in your lower and upper back, IT band, quads, hamstrings, and more.
  • PORTABLE AND RECHARGABLE: Measures 17" in length. Included with wall-outlet charging cable .A single charge you can have the power to relieve sore muscles and prime your body for peak performance anywhere and anytime
  • PREMIUM DESIGN- Made of molecular material with high hardness, lightweight and soft to touch, capable to bear weight of 440lb. 3D Massage Design is skid-resistant enables you to achieve maximum tension relief results.
  • POWERFUL BUT QUIET- The volume the device gives when it runs at full power is lower than 75 db, which is friendly to your ears and mood.(ONE YEAR WARRANTY FOR WORRY-FREE TO USE)

Product Description

Physiological Benefits with our Ikeepi Vibrating Foam Roller
Prevents Injury & Helps You Recover Fast
Loosens and lengthens muscles to increase flexibility
Removes Lactic Acid to Aid Recovery
Increases circulation- ideal for warming up the body before physical activity
Helps reduce muscle soreness and stiffness for better recovery
Significant reduction in pain associated with myofascial release

Vibrating Foam Roller is the perfect way to recover from:
Martial arts
and anything else that leaves you sore!
You'll be able to get the benefits of massage any time, anywhere.

How to Use:
Switch Button/ Frequency Button
Short press on the switch button will turn on the product and the vibration mode will stay on level 1.
Short press on the frequency button to change the vibration strength(level 1 to level 4).
Short press on the switch button will turn off the product after a vibration cycle ends.

Brand: Ikeepi
Material: EVA & EPP
Size: length 17''; diameter 4.3''
Weight: 40.9oz
Charging time: about 3 hours
Working time: 1.5 hours- 5 hours
Charging indicator: flashes red light
Fully charged indicator: stays in red

Package list:
1x massage roller
1x power adapter
1x storage bag