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Product Features:

  • Power by 1xLR54 button cell battery (included)
  • Three modes: Mile, Kilometer and Calorie
  • 5 steps buffer error correction
  • Multifunction LCD Pedometer

Product Description

Material: Metal. How to use: in the normal display, press the "MODE" button once, you will see the Pedometer state, and then press the "SET" button again to start timing; then press the "SET" button again, time stops; if you need to use the same function, please press the "SET" button once again. To start from zero, when the Pedometer stops, press long "RESET" button for at least 2 seconds to go to zero. Three modes: Mile, Kilometer and Calorie. Low-power consumption Help to track your progress and improve your stamina. Package contains 1 piece pedometer.