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Robin-US Scented Candles Lavender Aromatherapy Candles Soy Wax Massage Candles Moisturizing for Spa,Skincare Massage and Stress Relief Natural Essential Oil Low Temperature Candles,6 oz/115g



Product Features:

  • ❤LAVENDER AROMATHERAPY CANDLE❤The soft scent eliminates feelings of irritability,nervousness,depression and stress that helps you sleep
  • ❤LOW TEMPERATURE CANDLE❤ The wax oil burns at a low temperature(less than 40°) after melting,so they won't burn the skin
  • ❤MOISTURIZING SKIN❤Made of natural soybean oil,coconut oi and pure lavender essential oil, handmade with no additional additives
  • ❤PERFECT GIFT ❤This massage oil candle will be a surprise gift to increase feelings of happiness at special monent with your lover
  • ❤REUSEABLE CAN❤These cans can be reused to store some of accessories and provide fragrance anywhere they're stored
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