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Product Features:

  • ❤LAVENDER AROMATHERAPY CANDLE❤The soft scent eliminates feelings of irritability,nervousness,depression and stress that helps you sleep
  • ❤LOW TEMPERATURE CANDLE❤ The wax oil burns at a low temperature(less than 40°) after melting,so they won't burn the skin
  • ❤MOISTURIZING SKIN❤Made of natural soybean oil,coconut oi and pure lavender essential oil, handmade with no additional additives
  • ❤PERFECT GIFT ❤This massage oil candle will be a surprise gift to increase feelings of happiness at special monent with your lover
  • ❤REUSEABLE CAN❤These cans can be reused to store some of accessories and provide fragrance anywhere they're stored

Product Description

Light the candle, enjoy a relaxing spa or bath while the wonderful fragrance fills the room.
Afterwards apply the moisturizing massage oil, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and your mind balanced.

Just Turn the lights low, put on some soothing music,The delicious inviting scent filling the air,
it's a better way to cap increase feelings of happiness and contentment with your lover

Scented oil massage not only is a massage good for muscle recovery but the coconut and jojoba oils
will give you the glowing perfect skin you've always wanted.

INGREDIENTS: Natural soy wax, coconut oil, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil and a cotton wick

Coconut Oil Benefits:
Retains moisture content of skin
Protects skin from microbial infections
Delays the aging process
Repairs skin and gives it a healthy glow
Great skin softener
Softens feet and clears the cracks

Jojoba Oil Benefits:
Skin Moisturizer
Controls oily skin
Great for acne control
Reduces the effects of sunburn
Excellent for treating eczema and psoriasis
Softens feet and clears the cracks

1.Allergy tested.for external use only.
2.For adults use only.Avoid contact with eyes
3.Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
4.Keep away from children,pet and flammable material
5.Never leave unattended when lighting

Package Includes:
1 x Lavender Aromatherapy Candle