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Extract Grade Vanilla Beans by Slofoodgroup 12-14 cm (various sizes available) Grade B Vanilla beans



Product Features:

  • Extraction grade vanilla beans for making homemade Vanilla extract the international standard for Grade B vanilla beans is 14 cm and below and an average moisture content of 18-25 percent.
  • Vanilla beans are 12-14 cm in length (average length of 4-5.51 inches)
  • Can contain minor splits or cuts or other imperfections in vanilla beans
  • Best use for making vanilla extract is to chop vanilla beans and add to solvent
  • TO MAKE VANILLA EXTRACT: Using on average 10 beans for every cup, CHOP VANILLA BEANS into .25-.5 in pieces (some people prefer to split the beans but this is not needed or efficient especially when working with GRADE B vanilla that are not as pliable as Gourmet or Grade A vanilla ) once chopped, add to vanilla beans to solvent of choice (vodka, rum, brandy, or bourbon) , cover tightly a shake vigorously. Store in cool area outside of direct sunlight and shake at least once weekly for 90 days
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