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Product Features:

  • AMETHYST FACIAL ROLLER Each genuine crystal facial massager has unique benefits + gold accents
  • ANTI-AGING POWER Natural dermatology rejuvenation tool to improve wrinkles, elasticity, tone, and pores
  • DETOXIFYING LYMPHATIC MASSAGE Slimming facial roller increases healthy blood to reduce puffiness
  • BRIGHTEN COMPLETION Apply skin care products prior to use multiples benefits for glowing skin
  • SAFE + SIMPLE TO USE Use for 5-10 minutes 2X-3X per day to awaken and revitalize your complexion

Product Description

The Peace Essential Gemstone Facial Roller detoxifies your completion with lymphatic massage to improve skin elasticity, decrease wrinkles and eliminate puffiness. This slimming facial roller promotes healthy toning while reducing under eye circles, puffiness and may help reduce scars.

After applying facial essential oils or serums, using the Peace Essential Gemstone Facial Roller will multiply skin benefits by increasing the absorption of vital nutrients to brighten and promote a youthful complexion. Use for 5-10 minutes first thing in to morning or anytime of day to awaken and revitalize your face. Cool in the freezer prior to use for enhanced blood circulation.

Choose from genuine Amethyst, Black Obsidian, Clear Crystal Quartz, and Rose Quartz facial rollers each with their own unique benefits and gold accents. Unlock the Unique Benefits of Each Peace Essential Gemstone Facial Roller.

  • Rose Quartz---Love, Peace + Joy Believed to be one of the most beneficial beautifying gemstones.
  • Jade---Harmony, Spirit + Courage Known as the stone of eternal youth.
  • Clear Crystal Quartz---Mind, Body, + Spirit Known as the “Perfect Jewel” Crystal Quartz is thought to balance energies and clear the mind to gain clarity.
  • Amethyst---Sleep + Healthy Body Royalty among crystals, Amethyst is credited with offering stress and tension relief to promote increased detoxification of the mind and body.
  • Black Obsidian---Truth + Positivity Often used in meditation, Black Obsidian is thought to protect against negativity and promote the truth in one self.

***Peace Essential donates a portion of our profits to Peace Direct to promote peace worldwide.