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Product Features:

  • Just the Right Size - At 15" inches, it makes the shoe horh not too long or not too short
  • Made of Sturdy Stainless Steel - Will not break even when used against thick shoe material such as boots
  • Easy to Grip - The paracord handle makes prevents your hand from slipping and makes a stronger hold on the shoe horn
  • Suitable to Everyone - Everyone can use, especially for people with disability
  • Wide and Curved Mouth - Designed for your foot to easily slide

Product Description

A Sturdy Long Shoe Shorn that is Easy to Handle! Shacke's new addition to our shoehorn family is this new 15" Metal Shoe Horn. Made from top-notch stainless steel, it is designed to be durable and to withstand heavy duty use. No bending or breaking when used with sturdy boots. One of the best features of this well-designed shoehorn is the paracord handle. It makes gripping your shoehorn much easier for everyone to use from. The wide and curved mouth of this shoehorn will help you slip on any footwear with no problem. Carefully smooth edges will assure you that no possible damage will be made on your shoes This 15" inches shoehorn is great for tall and short people a like. It is a shoe accessory that is suitable for men, women and even children altogether. Even for special cases such as for professional use, people with disability and pregnancy.