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CuberSpeed WitEden 3x3x7 Cuboid Black WitEden 337 Magic cube Puzzle



Product Features:

  • The WitEden 3x3x7 Cuboid is a new 3x3xN cuboid with 7 layers. Each cubie on the puzzle is equal in length, width, and height. The puzzle measures 57.5mm x 57.5mm x 115mm.
  • This puzzle has finally been mass produced and I personally think it lives up to it's title. I also own a non-proportional 3x3x7 and I can conclude that this puzzle is by far way more enjoyable to solve. It is very smooth and a little crispy but the two outer-most layers are a bit slower than all of the other layers (although this is to be expected). I have not set up this cube yet because I have just received it but I am sure a bit of lube will do the trick to get the outer layers moving a bit
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