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Product Features:

  • Fits 11.5 Inch Tall Straws -- Easily Holds Tallest Straws on the Market -- Thick & Tall Smoothie Straws & More
  • Flawless Clear Acrylic Body w/Precise Fitting Pull-Up Chrome Plated Lid and Tray -- Pull Up the Top & Straws Fan Out for Your Choosing
  • Comes w/20 White Straws, Also for Makeup Brushes, Pencils, Swabs & More -- Classic/Retro Look w/Modern Function to Kitchen's Today
  • Acrylic is Stronger, More Impact Resistant, Lighter in Weight, Safer than Glass. No Shattering! 13 Inches Tall, 3.5 Inches Wide
  • Metal Base is Flush to the Sides of the Dispenser -- No Straws Fall in Between, Not Flimsy, Crooked or Cheap

Product Description

TEST SimplyImagine's very own 13 Inch Tall Acrylic Straw Dispenser, made to be stronger, more impact resistant, lighter in weight and safer than a glass straw dispenser. What really separates this straw holder from other straw lid dispensers is the height. Measuring 13 inches tall, one can place a 11.5 inch extra long straw inside the acrylic dispenser and have room to spare. Made to easily fit your large, jumbo or giant smoothie straws and easily fits your standard metal, steel, flexible, bendy or clear drinking straws. The chrome plated metal top, rod, and base do the heavy lifting to fan out your pop-up straws when ready. Unlike many other pop up straw dispensers, the metal base is flush against the wall of the plastic straw dispenser to eliminate small, medium, and large straws from getting stuck on the sides. The straw container is extremely functional, attractive and does not take up much room in your kitchen. The retro straw dispenser has a very old fashioned, vintage look and is the perfect drinking straw storage to eliminate straw clutter. Can easily double as a makeup brush dispenser, pencil dispenser, swab dispenser and many other uses. Comes filled with 20 clear straws wrapped in white paper.