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Product Features:

  • Brilliant White LED lighting - get the brightest of bright with a White, steel back plate that helps the LEDs shine bright and true.
  • Multiple lighting modes - customize Per-Key backlighting and modes on-the-fly without software. Preset modes include Breathing, wave, and multiple responsive effects.
  • Authentic CHERRY MX Blue switches - gamers demand the best, which is why the Master keys Pro L White only uses 100% authentic CHERRY MX switches.
  • On-the-fly macros and profile support - program multiple keystrokes to a single key or change Per-Key backlighting with intuitive keyboard commands.
  • 100% anti-ghosting - new tech rolls 6-key and N-key into one. No matter how fast and furious it gets, on iOS or Windows, your keyboard can handle it.

Product Description

The master keys Pro L intelligent white keyboard delivers brilliant white LED backlighting with the best responsive feeling that gamers have come to love. On-the-fly system lets you change every setting and seamlessly program functions at your fingertips thanks to the onboard 32-bit arm cortex processor and 512KB memory. Get multiple LED lighting modes, on-the-fly macros, profile support, and Cherry MX switches - all in a sleek, minimalistic, 100% layout design that allows you to manage your desk space and fit any Color scheme or gaming rig.