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Product Features:

  • BUILT FOR DURABILITY: Our leather weight belt doesn't break, tear, or wear out like other weight belts made from cheap materials.
  • GREAT FITTING AND COMFORTABLE: Our weight belt is designed to be soft, flexible, and comfortable to stay in place while lifting.
  • DEADLIFT AND SQUAT 100s OF POUNDS: Our powerlifting belt can withstand hundreds of pounds being lifted without breaking.
  • INCREASE AMOUNT OF WEIGHT LIFTED: Our power lifting belt allows extra power, strength, and support in your back and abs so that you can improve your lifts.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We're so confident in the quality of our weightlifting belt, we'll send you a brand new one at no cost to you if yours ever breaks.

Product Description

FlexzFitness Powerlifting Belts Keep Your Back Safe
Our belts are made to IPF specs and give excellent support when lifting. They have been carefully designed to maximize performance, durability, safety, and comfort. The 10mm thickness provides the best support a power belt can offer. It conforms to your body to stabilize support and lets you take your power training to the next level.

Why Should You Buy a Powerlifting Belt?
Many weightlifters tend to round their lower back, causing hyperextension and irreversible damage to the spine. Our weightlifting belts help reduce stress on your back by stabilizing the spine. Increasing pressure to your core through our power-lifting belt will make you feel safer and increase core stability, giving you much more power when lifting heavy weights. If a lifter is squatting heavy or pulling big, a belt will increase performance on those lifts.

Product Details:

  • Genuine Premium Material
  • Adjustable, Non-Slip Fit
  • Stretch and Tear-Resistant
  • Heavy Duty Metal Buckle
  • Unisex (Men and Women)
  • 60-Day Guarantee
  • Multiple Belly Waist Sizes: Small, 23"-27"; Medium, 27"-31"; Large, 31"-35";, X-Large 35"-39"; XX-Large, 39"-43"

Please refer to the sizing chart in the images to select the correct size: DO NOT ORDER PANTS SIZE.

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