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Product Features:

  • Fortrea is the ONLY Authorized Seller. Unauthorized sellers cannot guarantee or offer warrantees. THE PERFECT HOME BREW WITH EASE: Take control of your brewing with a Brew Tapper Dual Scale Refractometer by testing the Brix and Specific Gravity. Our refractometer will make you the most efficient at making homemade beer, wines, fruit juices and other homemade beverages by upgrading your hydrometer with this Handheld Brix Refractometer.
  • AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE COMPENSATION: Unlike other cheap refractometers on the market, this Handheld Brix Refractometer has built-in ATC, which accounts for changes in ambient temperature and automatically compensates accordingly to guarantee consistently accurate readings from Brix (0-32%) and Specific Gravity (1.000-1.130).
  • ENJOY MORE: Stop taking large samples of wine or wort in a test jar for your hydrometer to read. With just a drop or 2 of your brew, you can get fast and accurate readings every time.
  • STURDY & COMPACT DESIGN: This wort refractometer is constructed with non-staining, non-corrosive and non-reactive aluminum material which guarantees hygiene and safety for all-grain and extract novice or master brewers.
  • ACCESSORIES & WARRANTY: The Brew Tapper Refractometer comes in a protective hard plastic case for convenience during traveling, a precision calibration screwdriver, 3ml pipette, instructions, and a lens cleaning cloth. The perfect DIY Brew-master kit. Backed by a 1 Year Warranty - No Hassle - Free Replacement Guarantee.