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Product Features:

  • Unique, educative toy parts: Center city has an entire set of toy-parts such as gas station
  • Sophisticated colors of the city: This educational toy is designed especially with specific colors of an urbanized theme
  • Excellent durability and safety: The pivotal sturdiness of the toy is fit, strong and firm in its construction
  • Strengthen bonds: The whole game is designed to facilitate the kid and the parent with a quality time together

Product Description

Construction toys can primarily boost your child's spatial awareness, fine motor skills, cognitive reasoning and mathematics ability at such an early age that it would help him/her in the long run of life. The run-and-chase cop theme with its slightly tricky construction exercise will make your child happy and super thrilled, bringing a positive result in behavior. Bright, rich and vibrancy of color is an aimed strategy to affect the growing minds and entice the kid with various toy-parts as bridges, dragon tunnels and police stations, therefore engrossing children instantaneously in a game that is productive in all aspects. The toy is set to provide a joyful playtime to the parents and kids alike, allocating a special time to spend as a family, productively. Crazy cop is available in 128 brilliant-colored pieces which is quite a spread to keep your child merrily occupied. In this exciting world of glistening subways and squad cars racing around, toddlers to minors are dynamically entertained as well as get plentiful learning on decision-making by bringing and joining together the right pieces. The educational toy is very popular among preschoolers. The reason being, the entire set has been made from non-toxic materials and easy to handle toy-parts. Apart from indulging in no sharp-ends, pointed joints or any other potential harm in respect to its manufacture, the toy set guarantees an amazing durability warrant. Ideally glued once joined together, crazy cop forwards its warranty card regarding every constructional tact, either the toy's own development, or the toy-creating technique. Coming off as water proof is another prominent feature for toys of preschoolers, something which many developers fail to take care of.