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Product Features:

  • Silicone whisk is made of 100% FDA food grade nonstick silicone covered wire, BPA-free, no phthalates. Microwave oven and refrigerator safe.
  • Whips eggs, batter, gravy, sauces
  • Ideal for whisking ingredients in bowls and hot pots and pans.
  • Flexible red non-scratch silicone heads with stainless steel coiled wire handles. Heat resistant to 390°F, stain resistant and odour resistant.
  • sizes: 6 inch; Perfect for whisking in a small bowl or container.

Product Description

The whisk can beat eggs, stir batter, whip cream and stir sauces, an ergonomic design that makes use comfortable and easy. - The line will not mold, peel, crack, warp, absorb odors, or fade.
From beating a single egg to mixing a cake batter the sturdy and efficient classic whisk has multiple wires for adding volume and quickly smoothing lumps from mixtures.
The handles (with hanging holes) are strong and comfortable in your hand, and they'll stand up to thick sauces and heavy ingredients.