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Product Features:

  • REALLY TOUGH! 150 Pounds Stronger Than Common 550 Cord & Only 1/32" Thicker With 11 Triple Strands - Cord Diameter Measures 3/16" (+/- 1/32")
  • ULTRA RETRO-REFLECTIVE 2 Retro-reflective Strands Make for a Reflective Cord That's Twice as Bright. If You Shine a Light on It, the Strands Light Up Brightly and Are Hard to Miss. No More Tripping on Guylines!
  • NEVER SPLICED All 100, 200 & 500 Footers Are Guaranteed Continuous. 1000Ft. May Have 2 Sections
  • Built To Hybrid Mil Spec Standards BUT NOT Mil Spec (US Military Does Not Use Reflective Cordage)
  • MANY USES Great For Camping, High-Visiblity Lines, Emergency Prep. & Crafts - Bracelets, Belts, Lanyards etc.

Product Description

700 Pound Test HYBRID "Semi-Mil-Spec." Type IV Retro-Reflective Paracord 100% Nylon

The Highest Rated Diamond Reflective Pattern Paracord Available
- *This Cord Is Made to Military Specs for Type 4 Paracute Cord BUT Doesn't Support the 750lb Rating Due to the Reflective Strands In the Sheath. Reflective Strands Disqualify Paracord as "Mil-Spec" Since the US Military DOES NOT USE Reflective Paracord for Tactical Reasons. Retro-reflective strands require direct light to be seen at night. Consider Neon Orange or Yellow for day and night visibility.
- Ideal for Guy Lines, Tent Lines, Bracelets, Survival, Belts, Backpacking, Hanging Bear Bags and More.
- Measures Between 5/32" - 3/16" OR 3.97mm - 4.76mm (Outside Diameter.) ONLY 1/32" Bigger Around than 550lb Paracord With a Guaranteed Minimum 700lb Tensile Strength!
- Though Our 700lb Reflective Paracord is Not Mil-Spec, it Shares These Key Attributes With Our 750lb Mil-Spec Paracord: Abrasion & UV Resistance, 30% Minimum Stretch, 100% Nylon, 11 Inner Triple-Strands and 1 ID Strand.

150lbs Stronger Than 550 Cord and Fits Great in Your EDC, Car, Backpack or Bug-Out Bag!
American-made quality by a company that has been supplying the US military with parachute cord for more than 100 years! You Don't Have to Accept Cheap Imports!

TOUGH-GRID Paracord Is Flexible & Tough!
- TOUGH-GRID Paracord is a "must have" for your emergency prep. supplies and makes a fantastic gift!

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We 100% Guarantee (Replacement or Money Back) ALL TOUGH-GRID Parachute Cord!