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Product Features:

  • EASY WAY to get a snore relief and eliminate clenching and tooth grinding - No prescription needed - Not a mandibular advancement device
  • Safety and innocuity Texture is comfortable and natural. Effective prevention of snoring
  • Helps to prevent snoring, clenching, and tooth grinding effectivly and instantly
  • It is an effective and comfortable solution which uses tongue displacement technology
  • This tongue stabilizer snoozer generates a gentle suction to keep your tongue from falling back into the throat which would block the airway and produce the noises. This snore guard does not fall off once you find the right pressure

Product Description

Easy to use: stays on your tongue w/ a little suction that you controlInstructions For Use:1) Run the device under hot water to soften the silicone2) Take the mouthpiece w/ the V-notched side facing down3) Insert the mouthpiece pushing your tongue gently into the bulb until it touches both sides of the device. The flaps would stay out of your mouth, one facing up and the other down4) Squeeze the two ends of the bulb gently a couple times to create a pumping action and your tongue will be drawn inward keeping the device in place while you sleepCare Tips:Clean the device w/ warm water daily after use and dryPlease read the product description carefully before buying! If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will reply you the first time.