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Product Features:

  • Includes one 0 Month+ Newborn Extra Slow Flow nipple, 7 oz (210 ml) bottle, silicone seal & cap nipple, 7 oz (210ml) bottle, silicone seal & cap
  • BPA Free: Made of polypropylene plastic that is certified BPA Free and 100% safe
  • Anti-Colic Air Flow System: Specially designed vents allow air to flow back into the bottle rather than your baby's stomach helping reduce colic
  • Same Feeding Action: The only Nipple that allows your baby to bottle feed with the same feeding action as breastfeeding.
  • Anti-Bottle Rejection: Minbie nipples are the only nipples designed to allow your baby to feed with the same action as breastfeeding, reducing the likelihood of bottle rejection creating a smoother transition from breast to bottle

Product Description

Ideal for parents of newborns who want to introduce a bottle without it taking over the breast. Unlike other nipples, Minbie's award-winning patented design allows your baby to bottle feed with the same feeding action as breastfeeding, for a seamless transition from breast to bottle and back. The 7oz bottle is compatible with all Minbie Nipples and is safe to clean, store and transport. Ideal for using expressed breast­milk for top­up feeds while protecting your baby's instinctive breastfeeding reflex. The 0+ Extra Slow Nipple included is BPA free and made of the highest quality German soft silicone. Minbie is an award winning design because it's so realistic. It not only helps with baby transitioning to bottles but also aids in natural digestive function and sleep. If your baby is refusing a bottle, join the many thousands of moms having success with Minbie.