Secrets To Fishing: The Trout Salmon Togue Perch Bass

Alan Jackson


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Product Description

Welcome to the introduction to secrets to fishing. I want to thank
you for your interest in my introduction book to fishing freshwater fish.

Maine is a beautiful state and is loaded with many bodies of water.
Most every body of water holds some type of fishing. There are over
56 types of fish in Maine waters, including over 19 species of fish
that were introduced into state waters.
With over 31,000 miles of brooks rivers and streams that at least 70
percent that hold brook trout among other species of fish, there is no
shortage of fishing opportunities for any fishermen or woman.
With over 1,000,000 acres in lakes and ponds that are managed for
cold water and warm water species of fish, lies even more
opportunities for every fisherman.
This book is the introduction to fishing several species of fish in the
state of Maine We will briefly cover Trout Fishing, Lake Trout
Fishing, Salmon Fishing, Perch Fishing, Bass Fishing, Pickerel &
Pike Fishing in this publication.

Chapter One - Introduction To Freshwater Fishing
Chapter Two - Trout Fishing
Chapter Three - Lake Trout Fishing
Chapter Four - Salmon Fishing
Chapter Five - Perch Fishing
Chapter Six - Bass Fishing
Chapter Seven - Pickerel & Pike Fishing