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Product Features:

  • These organza bags are absolutely as gorgeous in person as they were on the computer screen. I sell jewelry and feel like these bags actually give me even more of a way to stand out among others! They have a very nice feel to them and the colors are magnificent. The branches are metallic and gives the bag a very shiny look.
  • They came packaged in a Ziploc type bag that had two cellophane bags inside, each with two stacks of 25 of the organza bags. The Ziploc style bag is great for storing the organza bags so they stay nice, especially when you are using them one at a time like I am instead of several at a time for a wedding or something similar. The bags are brand new and absolutely gorgeous. They are 10cm x 12cm in size with a light blue draw string at the top to close them.
  • These are gorgeous and versatile pouches that shimmer in the light. They are colorful tree branches set against a see-through pale blue that gives the feeling of an enchanted forest. It's perfect for fall and winter occasions.Did you know that many household pests are deterred by the scent of mint? Fill these with dried and crushed mint leaves and put a few in the pantry. Fill with lavender and make sachets for your clothing drawer.
  • When I got married, I made all my own table decorations and wedding favors. I really made it more difficult for myself by doing everything from scratch. These bags would have made some of this so much more easy. They are really pretty, prettier than the photos. It is hard to catch in a photo the iridescent patterns on the outside. The bags are great for holding Jordan almonds or some other snack, jewelry for sale, bird seed for throwing, or some other pretty party favor.
  • My daughter does a lot of crafting and bead work, when she sells an item she can ship her products inside one of these pretty little bags instead of just wrapping in colored tissue paper. These feel sturdy enough to reuse unless you over stuff them. The seams are sewn tight and I found no loose or pulled threads in any of the bags I looked at. I love these bags, there are so many things you can use them for and they really are gorgeous! :)

Product Description

FDA Certified Upgraded 2 in 1 Foot Pads, Best Nature Foot Pads, Higher Efficiency than Foot Cushions, Sleeve Metatarsal Pads - Best Foot Pads for Foot Care, 20 Packs

Foot Pads (made from plant quintessence) have become one of the most popular and well-known and healthcare products throughout South Korea and Japan and now is rapidly sweeping through Hongkong, Singapore, America and European countries.

Our Foot Pads Features
• All-natural and top-quality ingredients foot pads
• Aid in the stress release and help for deep sleep
• Relief from muscle tension & physical discomfort
• Quick & easy to use with detail instructions for each step

Foot Pads Using Directions
1. Apply patch one hour before bed-time.
2. Was hand dry your feet before applying the patch.
3. Take one adhesive sheet and slowly peel off the paper.
4. Apply the printed side of the pad to the adhesive.
5. Apply the product to the sole of your foot or other desired area of the body.
6. Gently remove and discard after 6-10 hours. Use soapy water to remove any residue if necessary.
7. Continue to use these nightly until discoloration of the product subsidies.
8. Use as-needed thereafter to maintain your enhanced state of well-being.
9. Enjoy your new and improved health!

Notice & Proper Care
• Store in cool & dry place at normal temperature.
• Keep foot pads sealed until use, keep out of reach of children
• Avoid contact with eyes.
• Do not use on open wounds, damaged skin, or cuts.
• The pregnant people and those who have skin ulcers and allergies problems are prohibited to use this item