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Product Description

Are you struggling with procrastination? Feeling like you are not reaching your full potential? Or do you just want to finally get things done?

Procrastination will destroy your dreams if you let it.

How can you defeat it? The answer is to understand its underlying structure, to "hack" its systems and bring it down. With this book, you will finally have the knowledge and tools to do so. That's what you'll learn in Hacking Laziness.

Purchase: Hacking Laziness - How to Outwit, Outsmart & Outmaneuver Procrastination

This book will teach you how to completely and permanently defeat procrastination.

You will learn:
  • Exactly WHY you procrastinate, in any area of life. No other book reveals the fundamental cause of procrastination like this one.

  • The four factors that can both cause and cure procrastination, and how to control them.

  • How to make taking action effortless and automatic, rather than trying to force action through "willpower".

  • Hacks to overcome the fear of success, the fear of failure, and a lack of confidence.

  • A new understanding and approach to time management.

  • Where to find the support you need.

  • How to eliminate stumbling blocks that are holding you back.

  • How to stop sabotaging yourself.

  • How to launch yourself into action.

  • How to make taking action a habit.

Hacking Procrastination has all the tips and tricks you need for immediate results. But beyond that, it lays bare the underlying structure of procrastination, letting you defeat it at its own game.

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