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Product Features:

  • Made From High-Quality Beef Liver-That's All! These single-ingredient dog treats are made from real beef livers that have been flattened out and oven-baked to seal in their tasty goodness. Never mechanically formed.
  • Free of Toxic Preservatives and Chemicals: Delight your dog without the guilt! Our dehydrated beef liver strips contain no grain, gluten, fillers, or other additives that can compromise the health of your beloved pooch.
  • Made in the Good 'Ol U.S. of A.: This savory snack is made right here in America, not imported from overseas. So you can feel confident about the quality of our product. Keep Your Pup Healthy and Strong: Our beef liver dog treats are low-fat and rich in iron as well as Vitamins B, A, and K. These are key nutrients your dog needs for a long, happy, and active life!
  • Ideal for Dogs of All Sizes: Our treats come in a large size (3 to 5 inches) that's easy to snap into little bits for training or small dogs. They have a unique texture that starts out crisp, but turns chewy when it comes into contact with saliva.