Digital Gadgets 5 in 1 Nintendo Wii Fitness Accessory Kit Exercise Yoga Mat Green

Digital Gadgets


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Product Features:

  • Comfortable socks have rubberized bottom for better traction
  • Fitness Step-Up Offers Extra Height for intense Workout
  • Jeli sleeve fits over Balance Board
  • Fitness mat provides stability
  • Convenient holsters easily clips to pants

Product Description

Item Description Here is a brand new Digital Gadgets 5 in 1 kit for use with the Nintendo Wii Fit (Wii Fit not included) This kit will make using your Wii Fit exciting, and comfortable! Fitness Mat: 3 Layer design ensures softness and durability Textured surface keep the Wii Fit Board Stable and reduces slipping Also works as a Yoga or Pilates style exercise mat Jeli Sleeve: Protects the Wii Fit Board from dirt and scratches Rubberized, textured surface prevents slipping and adds traction Fitness Step-Up: Offers extra heights ensures your next Wii workout will be even more challenging Features Antiskip foot cushion Remote & Nunchuck Holsters: Convenient holsters clip to pants, shorts, or belts High Quality materials ensure long life and dependability Textured Foot Socks: Increases comfort and prevents slipping One size fits all Compatibility: For ues with Nintendo Wii Fit (Wii Fit notincluded) Package Contents: Fitness Mat Jeli Sleeve Fitness Step-Up Remote and Nunchuck Holsters Textured Foot Sock