The First Organic Low-Calorie Sweetener That Doesn't Taste Like Chemicals. Coco Monkey by Wilderness Family Naturals - (Made from prebiotic Inulin, freeze-dried coconut water, and pure monk fruit)

Wilderness Family Naturals

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Product Features:

  • No Erythritol, No Stevia, No Chemicals - Looking for healthier alternatives to low calorie sweeteners that don't leave you wishing for real sugar?

Product Description

Organic inulin is used as the base. Inulin has a mild sweet flavor and is considered a "prebiotic" fiber that normal flora in the intestinal tract can break down and use for food. It is often added to yogurt and kefir as well as other probiotic foods. To this inulin base we add freeze dried organic coconut water (which is many times sweeter than white sugar) and a pure monk fruit extract (which is even sweeter). Organic tapioca is also listed in the ingredients because it is used to make freeze dried coconut water.