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Homemade Body Butter Recipes

Here we are, wondering what this book is all about, well let me put it in simple terms...

It’s got a ‘secret’ – The secret to beautiful skin.

You are an amazing person inside! Maybe you're a person who loves the thrill of being anywhere, anytime! You might like to party? You might like to have crazy adventures.

Let’s play a little game here, shall we?

Let’s assume that you’re in an elevator when a person, maybe half your age, walks in...

To make it even more exciting, let’s assume that there’s a mirror inside the elevator...

Look at yourself and the other person. What do you notice? Wrinkle-free, smooth skin, no marks, beautiful fragrance, natural radiance, natural glow, natural blush…and absolutely no signs of aging…

Now... look at the other person…

I’ll tell you what you thought! You thought I was talking about the other person didn't you? This means that secretly you do want to look young. You want those days back where heads turned when you made an appearance.

If this sounds like you... Homemade Body Butter Recipes is for YOU!

35 Natural Homemade Body Butter Recipes to Make Your Body Glow

You might wonder how this book is different from others. It's simple really. The recipes I’ve mentioned, have been personally prepared and tried out by me just for you.

This book is packed with 35 of the best homemade butter recipes for you to try at home. They’re safe and full of aromatic fragrance! If you want to turn back time, Homemade Body Butter Recipes is your remote control! So set the date, get your confidence back and start buttering!

This book will top your shelf for a long, long time!
Butter up, because you’re going to be as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside! You deserve it, you pretty you!

So what are you waiting for?

Dive into the book now and start making these amazing & natural Homemade Body Butter Recipes.

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