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Product Features:

  • FADE-FREE POWER: This battery will work at full power until its fuel has completely run out, letting you work as hard as you can for as long as you can
  • COLD WEATHER OPTIMIZED: This battery has unique design features that allow it to work in temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius)
  • FLAT BASE allows you to keep your tools standing straight up, whether it's a flashlight or impact driver, for easier storage
  • COMPATIBILITY: This battery is compatible with Ridgid's 12 Volt battery powered tools and chargers, making this a perfect backup or replacement
  • HYPER LITHIUM ION POWER gives you up to four times the power of equivalent batteries from competing brands

Product Description

If you need to power your 12 volt Ridgid tools, then look no further. The Ridgid R82059 is what you need to keep your tools powered. Its 4 amp hour lifetime and hyper lithium ion technology gives it up to four times the power as equivalent batteries from competing brands. Setting it further apart is the fade-free power, which lets you run your tools at full blast until power has run completely out. Don’t worry about it running weaker in the cold, either; it’s rated to effectively function at temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius), letting you work in almost any condition. Even the physical design of the battery has the user in mind. It has a flat bottom, so you can keep your tools upright for storage or utility. Need your 12 volt flashlight to stand by itself while you work on your car? No problem. With this battery, you can do that. The R82059 will power your Ridgid 12 v tools, and it can be charged with many of Ridgid’s 12 Volt battery chargers. Keep a few at home and a few on the go, and you’ll have power for hours, letting you do your jobs right. With Ridgid, form and function come together to create powerful products, and this 4 amp hour battery is no exception.