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Product Features:

  • WHILE OTHER SHOWER CURTAIN HOOKS are cheap quality, break or chip after a few uses, discolour and rust, Wrenwane's are high quality, tough, stainless steel metal of type 304 which means they will last for years without rusting, maintaining their polished look.
  • FOR THE HOUSE-PROUD OWNER with a stylish, beautiful design and chrome brushed polished look
  • IDEAL FOR HOT CLIMATE ENVIRONMENTS where standard metal clips will not survive
  • QUALITY AND CRAFTMANSHIP...moves the shower curtain like magic
  • PULL AS HARD AS YOU LIKE the rollers ensure these waterproof shower hooks will not come off!

Product Description

Unique Design Of Decorative Shower Curtain Rings Makes Your Shower Curtain Move Effortlessly

Many people buy hooks for shower curtains without thinking too much about what they are getting. Indeed most people think there is only one type, that being the plastic 'C' style rings which are very cheap. What they forget is that they tend to lose their colour over a period of years and will stain the shower rod due to friction. Even if you have standard metal rings (which are usually not rust free) you will find that if you are using an extendable rod the hooks will tug when you slide the curtain back and forth over the join, pulling on the curtain eyelets which will eventually tear.

The Best Shower Rings To Protect Your Shower Curtain

Wrenwane have manufactured a new type of shower ring which will combat all these issues. Firstly they are made of stainless steel (type 304) meaning these rings will not rust no matter how many years you use them for. The material is chrome polished meaning they will shine from the reflection of the lighting giving them a very attractive look.

There is also a very important and clever enhancement to the standard ring types. There are five small, roller balls at the top of the ring which no only add to the attractiveness but provide a glide free movement over the shower rod. The beads also irradicate the irritating snag at the shower rod join as the balls simply roll over it effortlessly.

Easy installation.

Product Features

Stainless Steel, NO Rust
Polished for a Great Look
Chrome Plated
Easy To Install
Friction free, Gliding Action
Size 69 x 39 millimeters


10 years, no questions asked, full money back guarantee on these shower curtain hooks, if unsatisfied with the product