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Product Description

Most people would be overjoyed to win $50,000 and the chance to star in a nation-wide commercial, even if it was just for a fast food joint like Camelot Burger. Then again, Clint Tucker has never been like most people. Ushered to the tropical paradise of Kenowai, he and the other winners undertake an island tradition for the cameras, one meant to free a local imprisoned deity. One with very specific requirements that have yet to be met. One that might just be a bit more authentic than any of them expected. One that will begin a journey fraught with danger, excitement, and more beer than is wise or healthy.

What people are saying:

“Riveting. Ground Breaking. Truly Impressive.” – People talking about a shipment of tools in a hardware store.

“Dude, this digibook is so solid it four take powerlifting bros to budge it.” –Thunder

“It’s a masterful piece of fiction with laugh out loud humor and sparkling characters. There, I said it, now get the hell out of my house and leave me alone!” –Some guy we thought worked for the Wall Street Journal. (We were way wrong on that one)