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$50 AT&T Worldwide Prepaid Phone Card ($50, 1pc-$50)



Product Features:

  • It can be used to call from the United States and offshore areas such as Alaska, American Samoa, Hawaii, Guam and USVI. Note that this card is NOT for AT&T cellphone prepaid wireless loads.
  • To place a call from an international country to the U.S.: 1. From a touch-tone phone, dial the AT&T USADirectaccess number for the country you are in. 2. When asked to enter the number you wish to call, enter the toll-free Access Number (without a '1') found on your AT&T Prepaid Phone Card. 3. When prompted, press 1 to hear the instructions in English, 2 for Spanish. 4. When prompted, enter the PIN. 5. After entering your PIN, dial 1 + Area Code and Number to complete your call.
  • AT&T prepaid phone cards can do International calls made from country to country outside of the U.S. where AT&T USADirect Service is available.
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