Clorox Ready Mop Absorbent Mopping Pads 2 Boxes of 16 Pads



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Product Features:

  • Clorox ReadyMop Absorbent Mopping Pads
  • 16 pads each, total 32 pads
  • Tackles Tough Jobs
  • Quickly absorbs and traps dirt and spills away from floors

Product Description

The specially designed Absorbent Cleaning Pad uses capillary action to take the dirty liquid away from the floor and traps it so you can throw the entire mess away when you are done. Avoid the drudgery of wringing out a soaked, dirty mop! Clorox ReadyMop Adsorbent Cleaning Pads have been specially designed to work with the Clorox ReadyMop Mopping System. Disposable: Start with a fresh clean pad every time. Absorbs and traps dirt and grease. Great for kitchens and bathrooms. Directions For Use: 1. Attach pad to mop head. 2. Mop. 3. Toss dirty pad in trash. Do not flush in toilet. For best results, sweep or vacuum area first. Use a dry pad on scuff marks.