Cup Neodymium Magnet 405 lb Pulling Force Super Powerful, 0.7" Thick x 2.95" Diameter - Magnetic Round Base One Pack



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Product Features:

  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! Our Magnets Are Guaranteed 100% This is a ZERO Risk purchase for you today.
  • Unbelievably Strong Holding Power - 405 LB for a Direct Touch and Direct Pull
  • USES Craft Projects Science Fairs Stud Finders Holders Educational Projects & Demonstrations Refrigerator Magnets Lassos Drills Generators Motors Hanging Up Stuff Holding Down Stuff
  • TOP GRADE= N52 14 500 Internal Gauss And 21 lb Holding Power Each Magnet Cup is giant in power
  • TOP QUALITY GUARANTEED-Our Powerful Magnetic Discs are Forged from rare earth metals A combination of neodymium iron & Boron(NdFeB) using CMS' Patented Manufacturing Process Under Our Strict Quality Assurance Plans & Quality Control Procedures. These Gems are Triple Plated with a (Ni-Cu-Ni) Nickel Copper Nickel Coating for Structural & Corrosion Protection Creating That Beautiful Chrome Color Finish.

Product Description

Neodymium round base magnets provide much stronger holding power than the magnets which are used in the same round base magnets since the magnetic field concentrate at the magnetic gap between the magnet and the cup edge. Since the magnets are enclosed in the cups the magnetic field leak is also minimized. This also contributes to the great increase of the holding power for the round base magnets. On the other hand the steel cup provides protection on the magnets from breaking or chipping so to increases the lifetime and applications of round based magnets greatly. Neodymium are used in furniture signage electrical wiring and car signs etc. CMS Magnetics 405 Lb 2.95" Neodymium Cup Magnet - 1 Piece The counter sunk hole on the magnet is provided for easy applications. The mounting hole in the center is 0.34" (9mm). The total thickness of the assembly is 0.71" (18mm). The countersunk hole is 82 degree. The applications of this cup magnet include magnetic holding lifting antenna Mounting positioning retrieving and much more. This design greatly increases the holding power of the magnet as well as protects the magnet from shattering or damage from everyday use allowing it to last much longer than a plain magnet. As strong as neodymium magnets are they only use one side of their magnetic field to stick to metal which means they're only using half of their available strength. The addition of a steel cup however allows the other pole of the magnet to be used which increases the strength of the magnet to much higher than that of a normal neodymium magnet but also makes the other side magnetically weak. If the highest possible pull force is required. General Description These rare earth neodymium Cup magnets are made for holding stuff & that is what They do they do best. They are Grade N52 Magnetic Cup magnets. Neodymium magnets are unique because of their extreme resistance to demagnetization and will only lose their magnetism if they're heated above 176 degrees fahrenhe