HABA Heart Princess and The Frog Wooden Pacifier Chain (Made in Germany)



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Product Features:

  • This beautifully made wooden pacifier clip helps ensure that baby's pacifier never gets lost or hits the ground. Attaches safely to baby's shirt.
  • For HABA responsibility is written in capital letters. This toy is made of beech wood that comes from sustainable forestry in Germany.
  • When it comes to applying colors, we use only water-based ecologically friendly, solvent-free lacquers. Multiple lacquer layers render the surface extremely resistant to humidity and wear and tear allowing the toy to be taken from the hand to the mouth at any time.

Product Description

The Princess and the Frog, a classic tale! Now comes a story of your own"¦ no more picking up pacifiers off the ground, no more cleaning off dirty toys"¦ can you believe this is a true story?! It can be with this Princess and the Frog pacifier clip, suitable for any princess! Pacifier chains can be used to attach a pacifier or small toy within arm"s reach of your child. The nickel-free clip easily attaches securely to your child`s clothing, carrier or stroller.