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Product Features:

  • Games Magazine GAMES 100, Family Game Nominee - 2005
  • Ages 8 and up; 2-5 players; 30-45 minutes
  • 72 Land Tiles, 40 Followers in 5 Colors
  • 5 Prophets in 5 Colors, 1 Ark of the Covenant with Plastic Stand
  • 1 Scoring Track, 1 Instruction Booklet

Product Description

The Ark of the Covenant: the symbol of the center of worship for the Children of Israel. Through guidance from the Lord, Joshua has led the Children of Israel into the Promised Land. It is your sacred duty to move the Ark of the Covenant throughout the Promised Land, as you strive to develop this holy land by herding sheep and building roads, cities and temples. Based on the award-winning 2001 Game of the Year, Carcassonne, this clever tile-laying game will bring your whole family together for wholesome entertainment over and over again. Especially Great for Two Players!