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Product Features:

  • ORGANIC DIGESTIVE SUPPORT: Made with organic peppermint leaves that have especially high volatile oil levels, our high-strength, IBS-specific tea is a convenient way to access digestive support.
  • THE POWER OF PEPPERMINT: Peppermint has anti-spasmodic & analgesic properties & may help ease IBS abdominal pain, spasms & diarrhea.* Our easy-to-brew Tummy Tea is a quick way to find relief.
  • IMMEDIATE BOWEL SOOTHING: Our pouch of loose leaf tea is equal to more than 10 boxes of tea, so you can measure out a medicinal-strength brew. Our tea is CRC Kosher & has no gluten or FODMAPS.
  • HEATHER'S TUMMY CARE: We have tools to help you take control of IBS symptoms. From managing pain & bloating to dealing with constipation & diarrhea, our medical foods can help you lead your best life.
  • YOU'RE NOT ALONE: Heather's Tummy Care offers education & support for those living with IBS. Our teas, capsules & soluble fiber supplements can help manage symptoms with simple, effective lifestyle changes.

Product Description

Heather's Tummy Tea Organic Peppermint for IBS is a medical food for the dietary management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms. Peppermint is a cooling, calming herb that, through dietary management, helps relieve the symptoms of IBS. Clinical studies have shown that peppermint is exceptionally beneficial for IBS abdominal pain and spasms, diarrhea, and urgency. Packed in very generous quantities meant to be used daily as a medical food for IBS. Brew a delicious cup tea several times a day, every day, as part of your dietary management of IBS symptoms. This tea is uniquely formulated to contain a very large leaf size and the highest possible volatile oil content (both factors are integral to the quality and potency of peppermint). Our peppermint is carefully selected from the most recent possible harvest date, processed for minimal volatile oil dissipation, and packed to stay as fresh as possible. It’s the volatile oils in peppermint that make it so effective for the dietary management of IBS symptoms. Our peppermint is guaranteed to be the freshest, strongest, most delicious peppermint tea available! If you're used to drinking peppermint tea from store-bought tea bags, the difference in strength and taste of Heather's Tummy Tea is astonishing. The high potency and quality of Heather's Tummy Tea is tremendously helpful for your gut, with a very noticeable soothing effect on your GI tract. Peppermint is classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the FDA. Brew just as you would brew loose tea, with any type of large tea strainer. Brew with freshly boiled hot water, but do not boil the herb in water as this destroys its volatile oils, and thus its effectiveness. The stronger you brew the tea the more effective it will be. This is a medical food for the dietary management of IBS symptoms and intended to be used under a physician's supervision. Certified organic and kosher. Contains no FODMAPS, gluten, preservatives, or caffeine.