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Product Description

Liftoff to Your Ascendant Life
Why it's essential to know the life path you're on. 
*  Do you feel you're just drifting along, no sense of completion? 
*  Is it possible you know you're on the wrong path, but don't know how to get off? 
*  Do you long to wake up in the morning knowing your life is pointed in the right
You've come to the right place. Here, you'll find a fresh start to your ascendant life. This book from Allan Cox offers new life translations for changeover to the complete person--the one
you're committed to be. Discover, confront, accept, or replace the hidden central goal in your life that figures into every step you take. As it stands at the moment it may be your greatest gift or devastating limitation. Don't be without this wake-up call to unique self-discovery and renewed growth. Start living a life in which you excel, not one that's compromised.
Chances are, in considering the course of your work and career, you have not heard the name of Alfred Adler. Yet this man's insight can provide you with an energized awareness if you're casting about for whom you're meant to be.
Adler, along with Freud and Jung comprise the "Holy Trinity" of modern psychology. You've heard of his concepts inferiority complex, birth order, social interest, and others, but probably not his brilliant, standalone piece of work, Style-of-Life. When people articulate their Style-of-Life, fantasies are stripped away along with their avowed good intentions and they learn how they're shorting themselves out. The same is true when their organizations take the same tack and chart false steps based on rosy words.
This book is intended as a sister to Cox's, Your Place At The Table, that's in the works and will be out next Spring. Both books pioneer the application of the powerful and practical ideas of Alfred Adler to individual performance in corporate settings. (You might want to look up Adler in Wikipedia to see what a prodigious and useful mastery this is that can be applied in your life.)

We also think you'll find that Cox, who spent three years as a teacher in the hallowed collegiate Halls of Ivy, will share intriguing insights for professors and students in undergraduate and graduate business courses. Both books bring energized new shadings in ancillary reading to such courses as Organizational Behavior, Organizational Development, Human Resources and Career Planning.
Praise for Allan Cox 

Allan Cox digs deep. He challenges old assumptions and practices of "doing business" and comes up with a surprisingly simple solution: To be an effective CEO, just be the best person you can be. He uses a wealth of stories to illustrate this concept. He brings in examples, case studies, exercises and even poetry. Expounding on the theory of Viennese psychologist Alfred Adler, he makes a solid case that professional, personal and spiritual aspects of life cannot be separated. 

Victor Chan 
Trustee and Founding Director 
Dalai Lama Center 
Vancouver, Canada 

Allan Cox has thought long and well about corporate leadership and how our sense of self matters decisively. He is persuasive in his attention to the roots of our imagination and the lens through which we read reality. Readers will come to a new sense of freedom and a fresh discernment of self that generates credible leadership and authority. 

Walter Brueggemann, Th.D., Ph.D. 
Theologian of Earth, Author of numerous books 

In our hyper-connected lives, the noise is deafening and the signals faint. Being crystal clear on one's purpose is now more important than ever to avoid the constant stream of distractions. I can see this book becoming the life companion of the leaders of the future who will use its practical frameworks, metaphors and examples to navigate information overload and stay focused on the real goals. It's worked for me and I have recommended it to everyone I mentor. 

Annalie Killian 
Director of Innovation, Collaboration and Communication 
AMP Financial Services 
Sydney, Australia