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Due to the overwhelming response to the bestselling Collector's Encyclopedia of Barbie Doll Collector's Editions, Collector Books has produced this all-new second edition. Over 150 new dolls have been added to this volume, bringing the total number of dolls and fashions featured in this book to over 1,000. This up-to-the-minute book includes such recent releases as the Barbie 2007 annual doll, the 2007 Hollywood Silkstone Barbie collection, and the 2007 Wizard of Oz Barbie collection. The Holiday Barbie series is shown in its entirety, including the latest editions designed by the legendary Bob Mackie. Some of the other favorite series shown in their entirety include the Dolls of the World Collection, the Barbie Fashion Model Collection, the Hollywood Legends Collection, the Porcelain Barbie Collection, and every national Barbie Collectors' Convention set since the first in 1980. All Platinum Label Barbie dolls (dolls produced in quantities of less than 1,000 dolls worldwide) are found in this book, along with a large selection of priceless one-of-a-kind Barbie dolls produced for charity functions. A helpful index allows readers to research dolls by name or series. 2008 values.