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Product Description

With extensive suggestions that managers can use in practice, this book explores the strategic role of the supply chain, key managerial concepts in supply chain management, and the tools and techniques for supply chain design and planning. Understanding the Supply Chain. Supply Chain Performance: Achieving Strategic Fit & Scope. Supply Chain Drivers and Obstacles. Demand Forecasting in a Supply Chain. Aggregate Planning in the Supply Chain. Planning Supply and Demand in the Supply Chain: Managing Predictable Variability. Managing Economies of Scale in the Supply Chain: Cycle Inventory. Managing Uncertainty in a Supply Chain: Safety Inventory. Determining Optimal Level of Product Availability. Transportation in the Supply Chain. Facility Decisions: Network Design in the Supply Chain. Information Technology and the Supply Chain. Coordination in the Supply Chain. E-business and the Supply Chain. Financial Evaluation of Supply Chain Decisions. For consultants in general and specifically those that are active in supply chain consulting.