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Product Features:

  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY PAINT - experience the joy of painting with these professional grade watercolour paints developed to give the very best in colour, intensity and permanence.
  • COLOUR BRILLIANCE (IN A TUBE) - We've squeezed every drop of colour from the purest of pigments into each tube delivering unrivalled colour intensity. Our 24-hand-picked paints can be re-sealed for ultimate freshness.
  • BEAUTIFUL BLENDING - experience this wonderful medium to its fullest with incredible blending qualities capable of creating both delicate and dramatic effects - just add water!
  • PERFECT ARTIST GIFT SET - Ideal for professional (or budding) illustrators, artists and designers - our set of non-toxic, odour free watercolours are beautifully presented and exciting to receive.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 'PLUS' - Prepared and packaged to the highest standards, our air tight 12ml tubes will deliver the very best in watercolour paint right to your door - and they come with a Money Back Guarantee.