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HOBBYTIGER DJI Mavic Pro Filter ND4 ND8 UV CPL (4-Pack) (Lens filter)



Product Features:

  • For: DJI Mavic Pro
  • ND filters drop your frame rate as well as slow down your shutter speed; diminish the amount of light which goes into the sensor, which leads to wider apertures and longer exposure time; avoid overexposed photos caused by bright sunlight to have better color contrast and richer color. Circular Polarizing filter reduces light reflections which increases color contrast and saturation of the photos.
  • UV filter prevents UV light from entering the lens, reducing blurring.
  • Hobbytiger lightweight lens filter is easy to install, just press the filter onto the camera.
  • Please install it after gimbal calibration. Package: 4pcs of filters (Circular-Polarizing filter, ND4 filter, ND8 filter, UV filter) + one admission package.
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