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Product Features:

  • ACCELERATE HAIR GROWTH & PREVENT HAIR LOSS - Our hair growth tonic contains highly efficient active ingredients which stimulate blood circulation and deliver vital vitamins and nutrients to hair follicles. This boosts hair growth and combats hereditary hair loss.
  • MORE EFFECTIVE THAN MINOXIDIL - Panthrix contains Redendsyl, the active ingredient distinguished in 2014 with the In-Cosmetics Silver Award for innovative active ingredients. This contains the patented molecules DHQG and EGCG2, which promote the multiplication of stem cells of hair follicles. Clinical tests show that Redensyl is 81% more effective than Minoxidil.
  • EASY DISPENSING - Just press the pump cap to dispense whatever amount you need. Usually 3 to 6 pumps are enough to cover your scalp with the active ingredients.
  • FAST RESULTS - The first signs of improvement should be visible within the first two months. You should see excellent results within about three months.
  • 2-MONTH SUPPLY - With recommended use twice per day, the 100ml bottle is enough for about 60 days.

Product Description

Panthrix - Hair growth tonic for faster, more robust hair growth: 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

- Full, vital hair -

Panthrix works to accelerate hair growth and counteract hair loss. When used as recommended, results should first be visible within two months, followed by excellent results usually within about three months.
Note: Results may be delayed as a result of your genetic makeup, lifestyle, and/or overall health.

- Proven effectiveness -
Clinical tests (published by Induchem) have shown that Redensyl increases hair growth by 214%, which makes it 81% more effective than Minoxidil, which is often used in typical hair growth tonics.

- Simple to use -
Massage 5-6 pumps of Panthrix directly into your scalp twice a day, in the morning and evening. Let the activator work and do not rinse it out. Afterwards you can style your hair or apply other hair-care products. With recommended use, the bottle will last for about two months.

- Further information -

Brand: Panthrix

Money-back guarantee if not satisfied

Contents: 100ml

Satisfaction guarantee: If the Panthrix - Hair Growth Activator doesn't convince you, just contact us - we'll find a solution!