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Product Features:

  • ✅ALL THE GLITTER - for the first time ever there is a set of all the available Glitter Gel Inks - including original and flouro glitter colours so you can add sparkle to your colouring, work & life!
  • ✅ ALL THE INK - by widening the inner tube, these pens have been packed with the MAXIMUM amount of ink possible in a standard gel pen - they should last around 2.5 times longer than most similar pens on the market so you can write, draw and color for much longer!
  • ✅ ALL THE COMFORT - with the soft rubber (latex free) comfort grip, you will easily be able to continue all your projects without suffering fatigue. Simply relax with a colouring book and feel the stress melt away! Also ideal for your school bag or back pack.
  • ✅ ALL THE FUN - These top, artist quality, premium coloured pens are Non-Toxic and Acid Free meaning they are a great gift for kids too. The 1.0mm tip is a good medium point ensuring free flowing ink with no clogging or skipping.
  • ✅ ALL THE CREATIVITY - the uses are endless - scrapbooking, doodling, scribbling, drawing, journaling. Use them alongside your felt tip pens, colouring pencils, fineliners, chalks, paints, highlighters and sharpie markers. Keep a set in your stationary drawer and buy one as a gift today!

Product Description

The Perfect Set of Glitter Gel Pens

* 20 sparkly colors - 1mm tip with a soft rubber grip which is great to hold and will let you draw, write, journal or just scribble for hours! Non toxic and Acid Free. Perfect for art projects or relaxing with an adult coloring book!

* We know you're tired of your pens drying out right in the middle of a project. These gel pens have 150% extra ink than most other pens so they LAST LONGER. Yes, we have loaded these pens with 2.5 times the ink - the maximum possible in a gel pen. Others contain 0.27g or 0.33g of ink per pen, we have increased the size of the inner tube and filled it with 0.68g of ink - so when you buy these AmazaPens, you'll have them for much longer before you need more!

* Great for handcrafted gift cards, invitations, zentangle or simply give the kids some paper, grab yourself a coffee and kick back while they color! When you click the BUY button, you'll be getting a great quality product from a small family company who values your custom!

* Did you know that coloring is a great way to de-stress? Coloring at any time of day will place you in a balanced mindset and help you transition to work or sleep. With technology taking so much of our time and focus, reconnecting with the simple things we enjoyed as children is a way to be more present and mindful. So turn off the machines and get coloring!!

Click the BUY button now - you'll love them!