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Product Features:

  • Note: UK AC plug wiring does NOT affect your powerbank as AC current does not have polarity (unlike DC current). Also please do not change 13A fuse otherwise the 3A fuse might be blown if current spikes. There are enough safeguards and protection built in circuit board and AC adapter. Opening the UK plug and changing anything will void the warranty. Finally we have extended warranty to 18 months so you will be covered for any issues related to UK plug or powerbank itself.
  • Design and internal circuit board (PCBA) has been upgraded to work with all models of Surface Pro 4 and Surface-book. It also includes $65 AC adapter that can also fast charge your Laptop, Macbooks directly. The same AC adapter also fast charges your powerbank.
  • The Advantage of Qi-infinity: Multiple years of product development experience in manufacturing high capacity external battery pack for laptops and tablets. Specially designed with 12V and 15V DC output for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Pro 4 and Surface-book and other mobile devices (USB ports support quick charge 5V,2.1A/9V/12V). All cables and accessories are included in the package for Surface tablets.
  • 4 ports USB : 4 ports USB support max 8A current output that also support 9V, 12V voltage output for Samsung S6, S6 edge, Note 5 for faster charging.
  • Package content: Qi-infinity 35,000mAh powerbank, AC adapter ($65 value), 1* DC-pro3/4 cable, 1* USB A- USB C cable for Apple MACBOOK and User Manual.

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