Rose Pure Essential Oil 100 mil facial oil - A few drops of the oil can be added in skin creams or in homemade face mask recipes that are being used for your regular skin care regime


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Product Features:

  • Made With Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil - A high concentrated rose plant essence
  • Soothes Skin leaving it soft and toned
  • Anti - ageing properties leaves your skin feeling youthfull and fights free radicals

Product Description

A highly super fine oil that absorbs instantly, refreshes, nourishes and smoothes the skin by boosting the cell renewal turnover.Fights free radicals, stimulates collagen production and helps support the structure of the skin with a proven anti-ageing action.Has a toning and astringent effect on the capillaries just below the skin surface. Poses strong aromatherapeutic properties that not only calm the mind but also your skin. Helps your skin defeat everyday stress and preserves skin healthy and youthful