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Product Features:

  • Ersatz-Akku für iPhone, einschließlich 2 x Schraubendreher für einfache Installation MMOBIEL
  • Kompatibel mit allen APNs und Modelle. 0 Ladezyklen.
  • Einfach zu installieren. , Unterkunft.
  • Produkt MMOBIEL-hochwertig. Alle Teile getestet.
  • Auf Lager. gesendet von Amazon Frankreich

Product Description

MMOBIEL is specialized man Wholesale and Retail SALE of Top Quality Mobile Phones SPARE PARTS AND-Bibliotheken for their Repair. MMOBIEL has Over 10 years of Professional Produktion Experience and Strong Technical Kraft, is Outstanding in the area of SPARE PARTS AND Repair Tools. We do Our Very Best To Provide Highest Standard, Professional Dienstleistungen and products. More Than 2 Million Happy customers and still Counting. We offer fast die Erfüllung and shipping by Amazon from Multi Verteilung Centers. MMOBIEL is the Leader in the Wholesale and Retail Cell Phone and Mobile Device Notebook Parts Industry. The MMOBIEL Brand is a registrated Trademark of Menko Holding B.V. and is OFFICIALLY Registered at the USPTO United States Patent and Trademark Office with us Serial Number 87146621. We have Our Head Office in the Netherlands and Have Branches in Shenzhen, China and New Delhi, India. The Product Beschreibung, Artwork and Pictures are the copyrighted and Trademark Property of Menko Holding B.V. No Part Of The Product Beschreibung, Artwork and Pictures May Be Reproduced.