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Product Features:

  • 【New 45w Led Grow Light】Design with anodized aluminum back cover&ABS material,ultra-thin(only 0.4 inch)and ultra-light(only 2.2lb)
  • 【Full Spectrum Design】High quality 6-Band Full Spectrum(380nm~740nm ),include red/blue/white/UV/IR,225pcs 0.2watt LED Beads,60 degree reflector cup,25 white LEDs in an X pattern in the middle,200 alternating red and blue LEDs,the UV and IR of 6 pcs looks dim,this is normal
  • 【Updated Grow Lights】Distance from plants 0.3-0.5m(11inches) is better,and Core Coverage at 24" Height 1x1ft,Max Coverage at 24" Height 2x2ft
  • 【High Efficiency,New Revolution】100W HPS/MH replacement while consuming only 35W!more higher actual power/lumen/PAR than other 45w led grow light panel,no fan no noise and new upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks
  • 【Worry-Free Warranty】100% Money Back Guarantee,12 Months Warranty Plus 30 Days Satisfaction or Return Guarantee

Product Description

How dose the specific wavelength work:

The light is more suitable for the use of plant germination stage.
Continuous use 12-16 hours day,keep pouring more water than usual for plants.
This mix gives a balanced blend of full spectrum and short and long wavelength blue and red light to stimulate vegetative growth and flower and fruit production.

1.Sliver surface Sets,take light-emitting points and reflective cup concentrated design,30% higher light efficiency than conventional flat kits at least.
2.The back cover aluminum plate design,better durable and heat dissipation than cardboard.
3.Stucking bayonet directly with four hook and mountaineering buckle hang rope,simple and stable.
4.Using external power supply,not only easy to change,but improve the service life of lamps.

Product Parameters:
Power Consume:36W
Input Voltage:110/220V
Dimensions: 13.1x13.1x0.4 inches
Weight:2.6 lbs
Work Frequency:50/60HZ
Height above plants(m):0.1-0.8m
Condition: -20℃-40℃,55-95%RH
Core Coverage at 24" Height 1x1ft
Max Coverage at 24" Height 2x2ft
LED Quantities:225pcs0.2WattBridgelux/Epileds
warranty:1 year

Package included:
1 x LED Grow Light
4 x hanging wires
1 x Instructions

Attention please:
- The On/Off power switch is located on the cord,so don't need to be plugged in and unplugged,or used with a switched source.
- Indoor use only, not water-proof,don't touch the light with wet hand,when the light is working.
- No extra ballast is needed.
- Can be controlled by Timer.